Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

When we moved to San Antonio, we wanted to do everything possible. After all we lived in Dallas for two years and couldn't tell you one exciting thing to do in the city. We have held up our promise well- Rampage hockey games, the Rodeo, visited lots of little towns around and now baseball. San Antonio has a MiLB lteam, San Antonio Missions. We stumbled across a Groupon deal for practically free tickets, so we have been going to a lot of games.

When you drive up to Nelson Wolffe Stadium, you can't expect much. The parking lot has weeds and barely has lines for the spaces. The stadium is outdated, at least 20 years old. Our University of Arkansas Baum Stadium was 100% better than this. The Frisco Dr. Pepper stadium we went to had a swimming pool! 

We have been pleasantly surprised! First off, we sit 2 rows behind the vistor's box. These tickets are $12 and the most expensive! Can you believe that- such a steal! Parking is $5, but there are promotions nights throughout the week. We tend to go on Thursdays, $1 beer, soda, and hotdog night. Tuesdays are $2 night- beer, parking, and reserved tickets. I highly recommend an evening game. Sunday games are in the afternoon and it gets hot under the Texas sun! Bring a blanket so you don't have to sit on a hot seat if you go on a Sunday. 

The team has two mascots- Ballapeno and Henry the Puffy Taco. Oh my goodness, they are hilarious! They love to dance. Ballapeno's eyes come off too. They add a lot of fun and excitement to the games!

The best part about the games is the family environment it creates. Before the first pitch, young softball and baseball teams get to line the bases. These kids thinks this is the most awesome thing ever! You should see their big smiles on their faces! The National Anthem is sung by a local school choir and is the sweetest thing. Between every inning there is a game or contest that the fans participate in. Watching all the kids catch the fly balls or hope the players will throw them one, it's priceless.

Overall, we enjoy these games a lot! They play our home teams, NWA Naturals, and the Frisco RoughRiders. In fact, the Missions were the Texas League Champions in 2013. Hopefully, we can watch them bring home another title this year!

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