Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rob's Thirsty Thirty- by Rob

A couple of weekends ago, we celebrated Rob's 30th birthday in Austin. I asked him to write a post about his weekend; what a treat! I put some comments inside {}. I also want to take a moment to share his great invitations. Erin from Lexsdesignco did a wonderful job at crafting this for us! I found her on Etsy and am so glad I did. I believe these started the weekend off right! 

Special moments in life shared with others

This year is unlike most years for myself, for now I have been on this big round ball for three decades. It gives me time to reflect on the past and how many great moments and experiences I have already had. I also look forward to the many more that I hope to come. At any rate, I had the absolute best 30th birthday ever! I was able to spend it with close friends and family for a weekend in Austin, TX. What a time! Started out the weekend with dinner on Friday night at a place called Banger's. It was a German beer garden, Texas style. All sausage is made in-house and they even had veg options for my bud Tom and his wife. They had to ask the waitress and double check cause they couldn't believe that it was not meat. Also enjoyed a beer that had been aged in 30 year old scotch barrels, I thought it seemed fitting for the occasion. 

{The nice thing about Banger's is the atmosphere. It is community tables, so seating our group of 13 wasn't a huge problem on a Friday night. Plus their food is the bomb!}

The following day, the wife lined out a limo ride for all of us to a Belgium inspired brewery Adelbert's. First off, I had never really rode in a limo before. One word, wow! Nothing like riding up to a brewery in style. The beer was really good, although I am a fan of Belgium style beers especially farmhouse ales. They had a really nice one called the Scratchin' Hippo, yum yum! For lunch we all had food from a Korean food truck {Bimbibowl} that pulled up to the brewery. It was quite tasty! 

{I typically do not like Belgium beers, but Adelbert's had two beers I and my girlfriends enjoyed- The Traveler and The Philosphisizer. They were very helpful in setting up a table for us and accommodating our group.}

After the brewery and tour, and getting to just hang out with everyone we all dispersed for a well needed power nap so we could then all meet up for dinner at Fado's Irish Pub. Now I have been to Austin several times, and even out to Sixith Street, but never down to I guess the area you would call Lower Congress near the Colorado River. I have never seen so many people and all mostly my age. Although now that I am 30 perhaps they were younger.. Austin sure is one happening city though with restaurant after restaurant and bar after bar, all seemingly full! Anyways, Fado's Irish Pub was better than expected and the service was even more special since are waiter was from the motherland. We finished the evening off at a bar called Handle Bar were all the bartenders sported pretty nice staches, although I def think I brought on some good competition. 

{Fado's is an authentic Irish Pub. The restaurant is full of nooks and crannies that can make your meal a intimate one even though it is a pub. I am not sure if I would recommended it for the size of our group because of seating layout, but the service and food was impeccable!}

All and all, it was an awesome weekend. Any time is good when I have an excuse to get all my friends and family together and be able to spend time with them. Thanks to all and here is to the next 30+ to go.


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