Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving with The Harrisons

I am still re-living our wonderful Thanksgiving. It was our first Thanksgiving to host and it was so much better than I imagined. My family came in town and spent the day with us. My sister's boyfriend came too. It is so sweet to see young love!

I went for a Kraft paper decoration theme. I saw these placemats on Pinterest and had to make them. It's simply a rectangle of Kraft paper and a white sharpie pen you can find at any craft store. That's exactly how I made my 'give thanks' banner. I had everyone write what they were thankful for and we went around the table sharing. 

Our whole spread was paleo. It was so nice to stuff our bellies full and know it was all healthy for us. The cranberry sauce was amazing; and not full of sugar! 

After our feast the whole gang went to the Riverwalk. Unfortunately the Christmas lights weren't on yet. They had the lighting festival the next night!

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving!

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