Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Paleo Update!

Life has been so busy for us lately! I can't believe we are already half-way through July. Time please slow down! What I really can't believe is that we have been Paleo for 2 months now! I thought this would last two weeks, so I am so proud of us! 

Even though we haven't noticed any huge health changes, I have picked up on a lot of little ones! The main one for me is that I have so much more energy! I get a better rest at night and am so productive during the day. Also, I have only had 3 headaches since we started this diet. I usually have about 3 a week, so this is a nice improvement! My nails and hair are growing a lot faster! It reminds me of when I was taking Biotin to grow out my hair for the wedding. My teeth are so shiny and white since I have cut out all the soda. 

The longer we stay Paleo the easier it becomes. We are also finding a lot of Paleo-friendly places to eat in Dallas. Last week we tried HG Supply. It was so good! I didn't have a Paleo meal, but Rob had a bowl. You get to pick out a meat and two veggies for just over $10. It is nice to find somewhere to eat out and not feel guilty for cheating. They also have an awesome roof-top bar where you can see the Dallas skyline!

For the 4th of July we had the most amazing salad yet! We purchased some salmon cakes they make at Whole Foods and warmed them up. We threw together some lettuce and topped it off with the cakes, so yummy! Trust me, we eat a lot of salad.

We have also stopped subscribing to Paleo Plan's weekly menu. We have found an abundance of recipes online and have purchased one Paleo cookbook, Primal Cravings. This way we are eating what we want each week. Rob made these fancy Apple Pancakes for breakfast. Yummy! My baking has yet to make me completely happy. 

We are excited to see where this takes us! I have dropped down to my ideal weight and Rob is getting very close! We just need to pick up on the working-out part so we can lose more inches. Overall, we have been very satisfied with Paleo!


  1. Looks like some wonderful improvements you are experiencing! We are just getting into Paleo, i'll keep you posted!

  2. I'm very interested in this!! I love following yalls stories with this too! Keep up the good work! MISS YOU!