Thursday, July 4, 2013

My 25th Birthday Week

Ah, I am now a quarter of a century! Here is to many more years! Normally, I would not drag out my birthday to be a whole week. But this year it seemed necessary. We kicked it off with dinner with my family on Monday our place! This was the first time we have ever had my parents come over and eat. That means we had to cook for them. My parents are great cooks and don't ever mess up, so I was really nervous. Rob did all the cooking and we had a menu of stuff that would be hard to mess up. We made everything Paleo; grilled chicken, cauliflower mash, asparagus, and green beans. I didn't want to tell anyone that the 'potatoes' were actual cauliflower. I was afraid my brother wouldn't eat it. But he did, even after my mom forced it out of us! Everything was going good! 

Then came time for the cake. If you remember, we have cut all sugar and flour out of our diet. Which made finding a birthday cake hard work to do. I was able to find a Bob's Red Mill Vanilla Cake Mix that was paleo-friendly and sugar & gluten free. I mixed that up and found a recipe for some vanilla icing. The icing tasted legit! Before icing the cake, I tried a little smidgen of it. It was so grainy, I was afraid of what a big piece would taste like. So I lathered the icing on. My family all ate their pieces with the exception of me and my brother. Thankfully Hayden had brought a little gluten-free chocolate cake and we had ice cream for Grant to eat. I did end up growing use to the cake later on in the week, but it was not my favorite.

After dinner we enjoyed a hilarious game of Last Word. I highly recommend it for any party you have coming up! It is a yelling game beware!

I am not the person to ask off for my birthday. Actually, at work I only told two people it was my birthday. My manager took me out for lunch. Yes, I took a cheat date and had an amazing BBQ chicken pizza with a salad. He said my face light up when the pizza was placed in front of me! Oh I was excited!

I woke up to this Wednesday morning from my lovely husband. He isn't the very crafty one usually so I felt very special. I didn't open his present until after work, because I overslept! Work was a long, long day. When I finally got off, it was too late to make a wonderful dinner. We have been wanting to try Meddlesome Moth for awhile now, so why not tonight?! We went around 8:30 and it was so pack! (Keep in mind it is Wednesday!)

The wait for a table was 45 minutes, so we decided to start off with a cocktail. Their bar is amazing! It has over 40 beers on tap. The back splash of the bar is made of quarters, so it is gorgeous! This picture does not do it justice. After awhile we were finally able to get two seats at the bar, so we decided to eat there. Their food was amazing! I had duck wings and loved them! We will be going back!

Luckily I had Friday off this week and also took off on Saturday. Friday night was our official birthday dinner. Rob had it all planned and would not tell me. He drove us out to Oakcliff, also known as the Bishop Arts District. It is a cute little area of Dallas where it is all local. It somewhere to spend a leisurely afternoon, have a great dinner, and then have a crazy night out. Our dinner reservations were early, so we walked around the town before dinner. 

Rob had made reservations at Lucia a month ago and the only time they had open was 5:30. So I had high hopes for such a place to be so booked in advance. I was not disappointed. First, we could barely find the place. The sign is up high on the side of the building that has three other stores in it. We had to keep popping our heads in to see which on was right.

Once inside, you knew why the reservations were so early. The place was so cute and quaint! It held about 30 people total. They have a small bar, 4 chairs, that is first come, first serve and it was already full when we walked in. They change out their menu every night and it is a wife/husband team that owns it.

OMG, was it good! I won't go into everything we had but we were so full afterwards. We split a bottle of Rose wine. We had the appetizers you see here and then pasta as our main course. The couple next to us had appetizers, pasta, and meat; how they did all that I have no clue! Everything was beyond satisfactory!

After dinner, we went next door to Dude, Sweet Chocolate. It is a chocolate company that is made here in Dallas. They have crazy combinations that you think won't be good, but are. We took some to take home. My fudge was so good!

Since dinner was so early, we were able to make it to a movie afterwards. We saw 'Man of Steel'. We both enjoyed it. I cried a couple of times...I got touched with the father/son relationship. On my Saturday off we had an easy day at home and then had a BBQ with our neighbor. It was a good birthday week!


  1. awe love this! So happy you had such a wonderful birthday week!! Miss you guys!

  2. Just now reading, but looks like you had a nice birthday!