Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pallet Console Table

Since moving into this house almost 2 years ago, we keep redesigning one room at a time. The bedroom is completely done and so is the dinning room besides another hutch. But the living room is my least favorite room. Perhaps it is because I hate our couch and the color theme is so dark. I am a more neutral, spring color girl. We have a lovely white brick fireplace, but to the right of it was a sore spot. We have to keep all our technology plugged in there so that was just hanging out. I moved the dogs' beds over there just to make the space seem less vast.

Oh my, oh my, oh my, I married such the handy man! I don't think he even knew he could be so crafty until I asked him to make a console table out of pallets. He is a landscaper so getting free pallets were not a problem for him. I kept e-mailing him all these awesome ideas off of Pinterest. It did take him a couple of days (months more like it) to get really motivated about doing. He constructed this with no instructions. He did an amazing job!

It fit perfectly into that corner. Then it came time for my part in this project, the decorating. I knew I wanted baskets for the bottom shelf. And candles on top. But that was about it. Did I want a vase? All silver pieces? My mom was asking me what I wanted for my birthday and she is an amazing decorator. We went to Pottery Barn to see what they had and I feel in love with some of the pieces! 

Aren't those baskets amazing?! Perfect for hiding our magazines in. I love the candle tray. That is something I would have never thought of.  My mom and I both think I need a larger, taller pieces for when the glads are no longer there. I am thinking a huge vase in the same distressed, white clay as the pitcher and candle tray.

I love how it is rustic and romantic! I have decided that is how I want most of the house decorated. It's funny how my mom's decorating themes are completely different than mine. But I use her rule of thumb the most; "It is all trial-and-error. Move pieces around constantly". Now time to save for a new couch and rug!

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  1. I saw this on instagram and absolutely obsessed! This is awesome-snaps for Robbie! Love the decorations as well..I feel like this could be in a magazine!