Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I have been wanting to start blogging about the wedding again since I never completed my series. So I am jumping a few hours of the night to share with you my father-daughter dance. My daddy is a very quiet, reserved man until you get to know him. He is the nerd in the class blowing spit bubbles in high school. He is a Chemical Engineer and can explain basically anything to you, except for common algebra and science when you need help with homework (he knows all the complex stuff).  My favorite times growing up with my dad are at the breakfast table. I didn't appreciate it then (wasn't an early bird), but those were moments that we kids had the most time with him. He prepared us a huge breakfast every morning before school.  I am very thankful for those mornings now.

When Rob and I were planning the reception, I knew what I wanted to do for my father-daughter song. My dad loves rap music, and all that mushy songs are just not us. In fact, I felt awkward listening to half the songs on every recommended list I could find. And they were mostly country; no sir. His favorite artist is Snoop Dogg (or now Snoop Lion). I knew I had to play a part of his song to act like we were going to dance to it! I picked 'Drop It Like Its Hot' to start out with. Oh it was fun! If we could dance good, we would have dance to that song the entire time! 

 For our normal song I had found this musician online that has a whole CD of wedding specific songs. You can get the whole CD or just download the songs you want. Our DJ  took care of the downloading them. It is T.Carter music. Their songs were not overly mushy, but said everything you wanted to them to say. We talked the whole dance, so I don't think Daddy could tell you what was sang!

Happy Father's Day Daddy! You are such a great example of what a father should be like! Thanks for all the breakfasts and little moments like those!

All photos by Hudson Photography

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