Thursday, June 6, 2013

Do What Makes You Happy

 We are getting more comfortable with our diet now that we have completed it for two weeks. It also means we are also starting to use our flex meals! This means we can eat whatever we want. So far, we haven't set up any true rules on how far we can 'flex'. Our first date night out we went to The Bottle Shop to enjoy some Michigan beer that has finally made its way to Texas. (Remember, Rob is from MI). 

We then went to our favorite sushi restaurant, Teppo Yakitori. This restaurant is a true Japanese sushi place. The menu is in Japanese, so we always have to ask what everything is. We ordered a lot of sashimi and loved it. My favorite was yellow tail and Rob enjoyed the tuna. We then got some grilled vegetables. Oh and Miso soup. We did not eat anything that is not diet approved except for the soy sauce. We were so proud of ourselves and felt so good cheating but staying within our range of options!

The next day Rob flew to Atlanta to see his mom & Ray. I got to stay home with the kids, which meant they had sleepovers with me every night. Its our favorite thing! Rob is such a good husband and cooked all our required meals for me before he left. He put sticky notes on them so I know what they are. Isn't that amazing! 

While he was gone, I went and saw 'Now You See Me'. I can't stop thinking about it! It was such a good movie and I did not expect the ending! I recommend it to everyone! Tonight we are having another date night and going to see 'The Great Gatsby' at a Studio Movie Grill. Have you ever been to one? This is our first experience!

We did take our measurements this week. But there was hardly a difference on anything. Maybe 1/2 pound here and 1/4 inch there. Nothing to write home about!

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