Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vegged Out

We have successfully completed week one of the Paleo diet! We use for our weekly menus and recipes. They make it so easy and provide a shopping list! The 1st trip we spent a lot more on groceries than normal, but we had to start building our base. We bought nuts and dried fruit in bulk since that's what we will be using every week. The meals were good and provided a lot of variety. I recommend them for anyone deciding to start the Paleo diet. Hint: They offer you a two-week free trial.

Rob spent a lot of time in the kitchen prepping our meals. He basically cooked every meal the night before so I could have it at work. He wasn't able to go to yoga and I made it twice this week. It was a crazy busy week for both of our works! 

I had a lot more energy this week than normal. I also slept a lot better at night and felt rested when I got up. Rob says he never had the "I ate too much, too full to move" feeling after a meal but he always was full. 

For our results: I have lost 2 lbs and Rob has gained a measly 1 lb. I gained some inches and he lost a couple of inches. It is just the first week, so nothing drastic. (otherwise I would be scared!)

We only had one cheat meal each this week. On my cheat meal I had a Caesar salad with grilled chicken. Rob had a salmon sandwich (with no bread) with grilled vegetables, as well as fried artichokes. I say we did pretty good!

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I am a picky eater. I am proud to say I have eaten everything this week (except avocado)! Including the huge portobello mushroom the first night! Rob even ate sweet potato which he doesn't like. It feels so good to branch out!

This weekend we had some friends come stay with us, Tom & Sara. On Saturday night we went out to Granada to enjoy some live music. This place is also good for vegetarian/vegan meals according to Yelp. We all wanted a snack (their kitchen was closed), so we headed to the Libertine closer to home. We missed their kitchen by 30 minutes. Rob and I were sitting there thinking of our favorite bar, dreaming of their corn dogs and cheese dip. We were going to have a cheat night! It was going to be glorious!!! We all jump up and head to the next place...but our car had been towed!!! It was a sign that we should  not give into our cravings. Sadly and empty stomach-ed, we walked home.

We are doing so well on our diet; I am so proud of ourselves! I have two great recipes I am going to share so keep an eye out for my next posts!

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