Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kitchen Curtains Complete!

Our kitchen has been my weak point for a year now. The window desperately need some color! The whole kitchen is white; white walls, white cabinets, white counter tops. I just really do not like to sew and kept putting this project off...and off. 

Earlier this week there was a Google Offer for 40% off one item at JoAnn's. This was my light under my butt; curtains must be done. With my crazy work schedule I wasn't able to use my coupon in time. The husband and I went to Ikea on Sunday and they had fabric there (who knew?!). They had exactly what I was looking for, grey & white checkered! And it was printed on both sides. Score!

I am not crafty enough to sew curtains with holes in the them or the little loops to put around the rod. Thankfully the rod my parents had given us came with rings, but no clips. I picked some up at Wal-Mart for about $7 a package. They had rings on them, so all I had to do was unhook the clips and put them on the rings.

The first step, of course, is to measure your window. I measured to see how wide and long my window was. I wanted to have enough fabric on each side to make it look like we had a lot of curtain, so I cut each panel the full size of my window. We would never actually close the curtains, so this was fine. 

I then pinned a one inch hem on all four sides of each panel. As I folded the corners, I cut a diagonal off so there wouldn't be a bunch of fabric in the corners and would lay flatter. Afterwards I ironed the sheets to get the fold marks out (if you have a lot, I recommend doing this before pinning) and the hems to help me sew straight. 

Then time to sew! Thankfully my machine worked smoothly with me. We usually are not the best of friends. At the corners I back stitched to make sure it was secure, turned the fabric then back stitched on the other side. So the whole panel was one continuous stitch.

After the panels were together, we hung them up on the rod and in the window. I decided then they would look cuter pulled to the side. My husband drill a small hole on each side of the window and twisted a hook into the wall. Then I grabbed some ribbon we had around the house and tied them back. I might switch the ribbon out, so don't judge me on it!

I am so proud of them! They add a lot to the room and finish the theme we have going. I still don't know if I love the accessories at the base of the window, but they look good for now!

I also framed one of Rob's grandmother's recipes in a frame by the window. It looks so good there! Such a nice memento! I am so proud that I finally did the curtains and they turned out well!


  1. love them :) Come help me sew!!!

  2. It's great that you find time to add colors to your kitchen! The window curtains did liven it up. Curtains and treatments to windows are like dressing up or accessorizing our body; you add them because it's too plain and exposed without them.

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