Sunday, May 19, 2013

Changes in Attitude, Changes in...

Hey guys!

May has been an amazing month for us in the Snyder household. We kicked it off with our first Ranger's game (which we won!), a double date with my sister and her boyfriend, Ironman 3 with my girlfriend and her boy (another double date), and then I got a promotion! WOW! It happened so fast. It took 3 days for me to apply & get hired! I am so excited! I am now only three steps away from my dream job. This weekend we were able to attend a wedding shower for my sorority sister, Katie. It was so good to finally meet her finance!

Me, Katie (the bride), and Rae

Now I want to announce a huge change that will definitely affect this blog. Rob and I have decided to go on the Paleo diet. Have you heard of it? It is basically where you eat like they did in the 'caveman' days. So no breads, refined sugars, soda, dairy, legumes, etc. Its a lot of nuts, fruits, vegetables, and meat. I am extremely nervous, since I am a picky eater and don't like a lot of veggies. But Rob and I want to do this to change our eating habits. And maybe lose a couple of pounds here and there for its not a diet for dropping pounds like crazy. We are looking to gain a few things out of this diet incuding better eating habits, healthier lifestyle, and toner bodies.

We are not going to be very strict on this diet. You are only suppose to drink water, but if you know my husband we will keep our wine and beer as part of it. And we are doing it with 3 flex meals. So we can still go out and eat and enjoy some bread & cheese occasionally.  Along with the diet we are going to become better yogis. Rob is very dedicated about going to yoga every night. My work schedule is so back and forth, that I want to commit to at least 4 yoga classes a week. I will probably start going before work. 

We had our first Paleo-friendly shopping trips this weekend. We could not believe all the veggies we needed! It is crazy. 

I will use this blog to track our progress and also share any great recipes we try! I will also start posting more on our DIY projects and daily life, rather than all just recipes. Wish us luck on our journey! 

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