Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rob's Wedding Shoes

To take a break from the cooking recipes, I want to share some of the funnies of our wedding day. I have been looking through all of our wedding pictures lately and its neat how he captured almost every second of that day. Thanks to Jeremy Scott of Hudson Photography for taking all the pictures! So here is my first story!

Rob's Wedding Shoes

Rob and I are big Tom's fans. So when I was deciding what gorgeous shoes I wanted to wear, Rob already had his mind made up. A style of black Toms. No question or doubt in mind, that is what his groomsmen and him would wear. So we got the guys size and gifted the Toms to them. Then the big day came along.

All the guys were getting ready at The Dickson Street Inn, which is just a 3 minute walk from the venue. I had asked the photographer to go to the Inn first and then come to me at the venue. I wanted to capture these 3 dear friends spending time together. Rob has known Tom since junior high and Josh since junior year in college.

The photographer wanted to take pictures of the Toms first, since that was a focus of our wedding. He asked Rob for his pair, but behold...there was only one shoe! How is it possible that he only brought one shoe?!

Rob and the boys frantically search the room trying to find it. Rob hopped on the phone with Masons (my old workplace) to see if they have another pair in his size. Did I mention this was an hour before he is suppose to walk down the aisle?!?!?!


Thank goodness, Masons does have a pair! But sneaky Josh here 'finds' Rob's mate! Emma, Josh's wife, had hide the shoe from Rob right before she left. She had told Josh where it was. He only waited 15 minutes to let Rob know!

Jeremy, our photographer, had walked in when Emma was telling Josh where the shoe was. So he decided to be part of the game. He said I had demanded the Toms picture be the first picture he took of the guys getting ready! Oh my, what I would have done to be there! 

I am so glad this was the only issue we had all day! Thank goodness it was a small freak out and a fake one at that!

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  1. omg so funny- glad I get to hear these types of stories!! but GO Rob for knowing to immediately call Mason's!! ;) Panic averted for sure!