Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rob's Bachelor Party

Thankfully Rob's idea for a bachelor party was nothing close to 'The Hangover'. He wanted a laid back wing-eating dinner followed by a mini pub crawl on Dickson Street. Of course, I was absolutely thrilled to hear this is all that would make my man happy. But of course I couldn't let it be some little affair that would just seem like a guy's night out. I had to theme it and make treats for the boys.

I made some simple invitations to make sure the guys would know what was going to happen. Of course I went with 'The Hangover' theme!

Next, I had stumbled upon Heather's blog on Pinterest. She made Hangover kits for her soon-to-be-husband. I asked her to create some artwork for Rob's kits and this is what she came up with!

Awesome right!? I had her create one for each Rob, Josh, and Tom representing the cast of 'The Hangover'. I grabbed some brown paper bags at Michael's and stuffed them with hangover cures. Gatorade, water, travel size advil, Pepto-Bismol, hand sanitizer, and gum. Rob said it was the best idea!

The next two things I did for him are my favorite! I was lucky enough to have Josh's wife help me with this beer cake. I had gotten 3 cardboard cake rounds from Michaels; a 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch, some fun ribbon and curly bows. The only other thing you need is a 30-pack of can beer. I went with Miller High Life because that is Rob's favorite. I asked Emma to assemble it all since I wouldn't see Rob the day of the wedding. She just stacked it, no gluing needed! The guys loved it and drank it while they were getting dressed for the wedding!

Then there was the liquor bouquet! I made one for each of the guys for their groomsmen gift. And since Rob is a gardener it makes perfect sense! All you need is a small flower pot, a Styrofoam ball that will fit inside of it, a bag or two of fake grass, some wooden sticks (I used skewers that you grill with), hot glue, and some travel size liquor bottles. I did types of whiskeys since that is really the only hard liquor Rob drinks, but there are a lot of options out there. Stick the Styrofoam ball in the vase. Hot glue some of the grass to the ball so you can't see it. Hot glue the wooden sticks to the back of the liquor bottles. Let these dry real good before sticking into the ball. I let mine dry for a whole day. You can wrap a cute ribbon around the vase too if you would like. I made mine about 2 weeks in advance and the sticks didn't break. In fact, Rob still hasn't drank any of his and they are still intact. (I thought the bottles might be too heavy for the sticks). 

 I also decorated a cooler for Rob. I knew that he would want cold beer on our mini-moon and thought it would be better than a plain ole cooler. I decorated the front with wedding details-there is no bride because he hadn't seen my dress yet! The sides commemorated our bachelorette/bachelor parties. The back decorated with our mini-moon to Eureka Springs and our honeymoon to St. Maarten (which is in a week!!). On the top I included a line from our invitation ' joy and celebration of our marriage' and on the very bottom in the inside 'happily ever after'. I know I am not the best artist, but I think it turned out well!

I wanted our big day to be about Rob as well. I knew I was going to get a lot of spoiling and I didn't want him to miss out. Plus it is an extra reminder of why he was marrying me :)


  1. This is a fun gift idea! I also like how you went greek life throw back and made a cooler for the event :)

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