Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My daddy's toast was perfect for how I have been feeling lately. This whole year has seemed to resurface a lot of memories I have made over my short lifetime; maybe it is because I have so many great-grandparents getting older and I don't want to lose time with them.

When you are planning a wedding you remember all the 1st dates you had, all the little fights, and all the progress you have made along the way. For Rob and I this is why Fayetteville was so important to us. It is where our relationship started. We made the wedding about us, our family, and our friends. Those are the most important people to us.  On October 20th, we started a new stage of our relationship and made memories with everyone close to us. During our mini-moon and the weeks after there are lots memories. We want to share some that stand out the most.

Mrs. Dacus said "Congratulations to you and your wife" to Robbie

My Daddy's prayer in the bridal suite before he gave me away

My grandmother being in the single girl group for the bouquet toss!

My little sister catching the bouquet!

My great- grandmother's wedding cake topper from her wedding 75 years ago on top of our cake

Robbie's step dad Ray reading an Irish blessing to us (and Mary-Ann crying the whole time!)

Me and all my siblings (including Megz) dancing to Superman!

My dad's high school buddies being there. And Chip on the dance floor!

All of the awesome speeches given by Hayden, Tom, and Josh

My just-barely-turned-10 cousin eating Robbie's Guinness cake bottle

My grandfather patting me on the back more than I could count and the gorgeous clock he made us!

AND LAST, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEASE Robbie's dance to the Thriller! 

Remember to make make memories every day. On your worst days, these things are what will bring you up and make you smile and laugh.

Thank you everyone who has been supportive of Robbie and I during our relationship, wedding, and now our marriage. We cannot express how much y'all mean to us!

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  1. This post was amazing!! So happy for you two daily!! Can't wait to see the newlyweds hopefully in the near future! :)