Tuesday, September 11, 2012


When it came to invitations, I was really nervous. Every website says the invitation is the first glimpse your guests have of the wedding. Talk about stress!? Luckily my Mom knew of a place in Plano that could custom make them. We went to Socially Write and got to work with Amanda, the owner. Who knew there could be so many options when it came to making invitations! Paper, glitter or no glitter, ribbon, font, colors, everything galore! I was so glad Rob stayed home for this part! I was able to take my dream invitation and make it more 'us' at a better price. How wonderful is that?! Here is what the finished product looks like. I am in love with them!

I was the weird bride that wanted to mail her own invitations. I took them up to the Post Office and asked for them to be hand cancelled (also suggested by many wedding websites). The lady looked at me like I was crazy! The moment I passed her my big green bag I felt excited! It made it feel more official!

Now I am super excited to keep receiving all of my RSVP cards. Let's keep them coming! Aw, we are getting so close!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Here at the "Almost Snyder" Household we have been very crafty lately. I just completed my artwork for the bedroom. Rob gathered some of his favorite leaves, we dried them, then painted canvases with them. I love how the elephant ears ended up looking like hearts! Of course I found this craft on Pinterest, and it was super easy to make! If you want to do here are the instructions! If you know Rob at all, you know why this was a must-do when I saw it!

Not only have we been crafty for the home, but also for the wedding. I have seen a lot of stuff on Etsy and Pinterest that I have got to have for the wedding. A lot of it is simple to do as long as you are willing to get the supplies and put time into it. Rob has been making chalkboards. This is perfect DIY because we customized it to our wedding colors! They have turned out wonderfully!

Just the other I made some burlap banners. I was so excited when we went to Joann's and there was sage burlap! Oh perfect! It took me only about 2 hours to make three banners from start to finish! So simple! And I believe they turned out just as well as any I could find on Etsy. I like them so much, we might put them on our chairs at home after the wedding! 

Easy peasy I promise! And why not, just to add some homemade love into the wedding and home?