Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh my, Hail!

Hi guys! We wanted to post about the hailstorm we experienced last week. Crazy it was! Lauren was working and saw it all, but Rob experienced it! He had just gotten back from yoga (yes, we have taken up yoga!) and it started to come down! He grabbed the dogs and took them to the back of the hallway. Then hail started coming through the windows into the hallway. That's a very long ways! The trees lost of of their leaves, the plants were beat to death, it looked awful! We had six broken windows in the house. But worse of all was Rob's car. Black Lightening was beat up, lost her back windshield completely, and has huge dents all over her. We are waiting to hear back to see if she is totaled or not. Our landlord was completely amazing and had the windows replaced by the next day! I couldn't believe it! It makes me so blessed that it was just a hailstorm. It didn't even last ten minutes.

On a side note, Lauren has gotten crafty and making this house seem more like home. Thanks to Pinterest, she has access to all these neat ideas! Find her on there to get more of the how-to! Here are some of her recent projects, but don't worry there will be more!

This one adds character to the wall! It was easy peasy too!

Lauren did this one to display Rob's special bottle caps. It was simple to do. The hardest part was sorting through his saved bottle caps!

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