Wednesday, November 7, 2012


My daddy's toast was perfect for how I have been feeling lately. This whole year has seemed to resurface a lot of memories I have made over my short lifetime; maybe it is because I have so many great-grandparents getting older and I don't want to lose time with them.

When you are planning a wedding you remember all the 1st dates you had, all the little fights, and all the progress you have made along the way. For Rob and I this is why Fayetteville was so important to us. It is where our relationship started. We made the wedding about us, our family, and our friends. Those are the most important people to us.  On October 20th, we started a new stage of our relationship and made memories with everyone close to us. During our mini-moon and the weeks after there are lots memories. We want to share some that stand out the most.

Mrs. Dacus said "Congratulations to you and your wife" to Robbie

My Daddy's prayer in the bridal suite before he gave me away

My grandmother being in the single girl group for the bouquet toss!

My little sister catching the bouquet!

My great- grandmother's wedding cake topper from her wedding 75 years ago on top of our cake

Robbie's step dad Ray reading an Irish blessing to us (and Mary-Ann crying the whole time!)

Me and all my siblings (including Megz) dancing to Superman!

My dad's high school buddies being there. And Chip on the dance floor!

All of the awesome speeches given by Hayden, Tom, and Josh

My just-barely-turned-10 cousin eating Robbie's Guinness cake bottle

My grandfather patting me on the back more than I could count and the gorgeous clock he made us!

AND LAST, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEASE Robbie's dance to the Thriller! 

Remember to make make memories every day. On your worst days, these things are what will bring you up and make you smile and laugh.

Thank you everyone who has been supportive of Robbie and I during our relationship, wedding, and now our marriage. We cannot express how much y'all mean to us!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


When it came to invitations, I was really nervous. Every website says the invitation is the first glimpse your guests have of the wedding. Talk about stress!? Luckily my Mom knew of a place in Plano that could custom make them. We went to Socially Write and got to work with Amanda, the owner. Who knew there could be so many options when it came to making invitations! Paper, glitter or no glitter, ribbon, font, colors, everything galore! I was so glad Rob stayed home for this part! I was able to take my dream invitation and make it more 'us' at a better price. How wonderful is that?! Here is what the finished product looks like. I am in love with them!

I was the weird bride that wanted to mail her own invitations. I took them up to the Post Office and asked for them to be hand cancelled (also suggested by many wedding websites). The lady looked at me like I was crazy! The moment I passed her my big green bag I felt excited! It made it feel more official!

Now I am super excited to keep receiving all of my RSVP cards. Let's keep them coming! Aw, we are getting so close!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Here at the "Almost Snyder" Household we have been very crafty lately. I just completed my artwork for the bedroom. Rob gathered some of his favorite leaves, we dried them, then painted canvases with them. I love how the elephant ears ended up looking like hearts! Of course I found this craft on Pinterest, and it was super easy to make! If you want to do here are the instructions! If you know Rob at all, you know why this was a must-do when I saw it!

Not only have we been crafty for the home, but also for the wedding. I have seen a lot of stuff on Etsy and Pinterest that I have got to have for the wedding. A lot of it is simple to do as long as you are willing to get the supplies and put time into it. Rob has been making chalkboards. This is perfect DIY because we customized it to our wedding colors! They have turned out wonderfully!

Just the other I made some burlap banners. I was so excited when we went to Joann's and there was sage burlap! Oh perfect! It took me only about 2 hours to make three banners from start to finish! So simple! And I believe they turned out just as well as any I could find on Etsy. I like them so much, we might put them on our chairs at home after the wedding! 

Easy peasy I promise! And why not, just to add some homemade love into the wedding and home?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hi everyone!

Sorry, we are over due for a post! Everything has been going well over here! This past weekend Lauren had her Bachelorette! I was able to spend 3 1/2 days with my girlfriends! On Friday Jamie (visit her blog here) and I trekked up to Eureka Springs for my bridals! The wonderful Jason Hudson of Hudson Photography photographed me at the Crescent Hotel. So excited to see those! But you have to wait till after the Big Day.

On Saturday afternoon the festivities began! I was lucky enough to share her bachelorette with Lauren Roberts! It was so good to see her! About 10 girls came in for the weekend. We drove out to Altus, AR to visit some of the wineries. If you have never done that, I highly recommend it! The first stop was Post Familie. This one was my favorite! We tasted our wine ( I liked the Chardonnay the best) and then went on the best tour. We were able to try two wines straight out of the fermenter. Next we headed over to Wiederkehr Winery. This winery had a lot of history to it. We ate dinner at their restaurant. It was amazing! I had the Filet Mignon and loved it! Afterwards we drove out to Brittany's house and had a slumber party! It was so much fun. The perfect bachelorette for me!

The two beautiful brides! Love you LRob!

Wiederkehr Vineyards

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh my, Hail!

Hi guys! We wanted to post about the hailstorm we experienced last week. Crazy it was! Lauren was working and saw it all, but Rob experienced it! He had just gotten back from yoga (yes, we have taken up yoga!) and it started to come down! He grabbed the dogs and took them to the back of the hallway. Then hail started coming through the windows into the hallway. That's a very long ways! The trees lost of of their leaves, the plants were beat to death, it looked awful! We had six broken windows in the house. But worse of all was Rob's car. Black Lightening was beat up, lost her back windshield completely, and has huge dents all over her. We are waiting to hear back to see if she is totaled or not. Our landlord was completely amazing and had the windows replaced by the next day! I couldn't believe it! It makes me so blessed that it was just a hailstorm. It didn't even last ten minutes.

On a side note, Lauren has gotten crafty and making this house seem more like home. Thanks to Pinterest, she has access to all these neat ideas! Find her on there to get more of the how-to! Here are some of her recent projects, but don't worry there will be more!

This one adds character to the wall! It was easy peasy too!

Lauren did this one to display Rob's special bottle caps. It was simple to do. The hardest part was sorting through his saved bottle caps!

Saturday, April 28, 2012


This past week we were able to spend some great time together! We were able to spend the afternoon down on Know/Henderson. There are so many cute restaurants down there! We ate a lovely one, Taverna, for brunch and it was amazing!  We usually never make it pass Chuy's and the Apple Store. We then walked around and wondered into Pottery Barn. We decided to start our registry! It was so much fun planning our future home! We also stepped into Crate and Barrel and picked out some fun dishware and dinning accessories! Earlier in the week we had registered at Williams and Sonoma. So exciting!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Save The Date

Hopefully you all have been checking your mailboxes! We mailed out all of our save the dates!

We have two unique details that we LOVE on them. Can you guess them? I'll tell you anyways
1) Old Main is the photo on the back! They faded it out! Amazing right?
2) Our wedding website is secretly on it. Find it? It's the sideways line on the back!

Check out our wedding website We update it a lot, so keep checking back!
*They are lovely, produced by YellowBrickGraphics on Etsy. Go to their shop here. They were so helpful!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New year, New post

As the new year approached, I was reminded of our blog. We both completely forgot about it. Everything has been going wonderfully here. The end of 2011 was amazing for us; both received promotions, able to spend time with family, and moved into a bigger place! We are now renting a house :) You will find some pictures below to tease you until we get everything else settled and moved.

Rylie is so excited because she gets a backyard!

Rob is excited because he can garden! He has already planted pansies in a big pot by the sidewalk.