Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers

As the saying goes "April Showers bring May Flowers" we couldn't be more excited about what May brings! For us, this is our month! We have so much happening. Lauren graduates from the University of Arkansas and we are making a mini-vacay out of it. Hit up our favorite hang outs, see our precious friends. The following weekend we are going to see Jimmy Buffett! This is a check off of Rob's bucket list! We are excited to spend a day with all the other Parrotheads!

April was a good month for us as well. We have about completed our apartment decorating and it looks pretty good! Rob helped Lauren's parents moved into their new townhouse (its beautiful!) and then we celebrated Easter with them the next day! Amazing how they were able to whip together such a delicious lunch after moving! Lauren has been trying to cook more, Rob installing things around the house. We are a little domestic couple!

My Easter basket from Rob! Its a tradition he has done every year. I always get Peeps and glass bottled Dr. Pepper. The rest is always a surprise!

We found these HUGE Longhorns after church heading to my parents for Easter lunch. So we had to be tourists and pull over and take pictures! Another family did it too!

On one of my day's off I decided to make Tacos Al Pastor. I made a list of ingredients we needed and off to the store we went. The recipe required all of these chiles and seeds that we could not find! We first went to Target and then Whole Foods. Finally at Albertson's we found the largest selection of Hispanic food ever! They had everything I needed. I marinated the meat overnight and then Rob grilled it the next day. They were pretty awesome!

Hope May is going to be as wonderful for you!

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