Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Little Home

This past week has been a remarkable and eventful one! On Sunday we finally got the apartment all situated and decorated. Ikea is becoming our monthly outing, always finding goodies there! On Tuesday, Rob's mom and sister arrived for a visit. It was our 4 year anniversary, unbelievable! We all dined at our favorite Italian place near the house, Scalini's. We had fun with them visiting. They got to see the Kennedy museum and the Arboretum. My mom finally got to meet Rob's mom over some delicious Mexican food! Now we are preparing for more visitors for the next three weeks! It is so exciting!

Don't worry, the decorating is not completely finished! We are working one piece at a time.But all the big pieces are put together, thanks to my handy man Rob! Its beginning to feel like home! Come visit!

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