Friday, February 4, 2011

Hoping to avoid the all too familiar ice storms of Fayetteville, we were glad to move to Dallas before January. On Monday night, we were woken up
to freezing rain and sleet. The first day of being stuck in the apartment was productive, the second was not so productive. By Thursday we were both ready to get out! Then Friday we woke up to a beautiful five to six inches of snow on the ground. It continued to snow all day!!

Since we have spent so much time together inside, we got a lot of planning done. And we have finally picked out a date!! We kept going back and forth on season, month, everything imaginable. We have decided on June 8, 2012. Yes, it is a long ways away. We want to get married in the summer, and this summer is too soon (plus I am graduating in May, yay!) Eight is Rob's lucky number, so it was meant to be!

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