Monday, June 27, 2011

Engagement Pictures

While we were in Fayetteville for Lauren's graduation, we had Benfield Photography shoot some engagement photos. Dale and Meredith were a pleasure to work with and kept us laughing the whole time. Here are a few of our favorites:

Dale wrote a lovely blog on us and there are more pictures there! Click here to see more! You should follow Benfield Photography's blog! His work is aaamazing!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alright, time to get everyone up to date. Summer has been going by great so far. In May we traveled back to Arkansas and enjoyed a weekend away from the Big D. Lauren walked down and was handed her diploma at the university. It was also great getting to hang out in our old town again. To officially kick off the summer, we went to our first Jimmy Buffett concert. It was amazing, especially for Rob, to finally get to see the guy in person. At the moment we are trying to finalize our wedding plans. We have found the perfect place where we want to tie the knot. As soon as we get everything squared away, we will let everyone know about all the details to come. All and all we are both extremely excited about it and can't wait!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers

As the saying goes "April Showers bring May Flowers" we couldn't be more excited about what May brings! For us, this is our month! We have so much happening. Lauren graduates from the University of Arkansas and we are making a mini-vacay out of it. Hit up our favorite hang outs, see our precious friends. The following weekend we are going to see Jimmy Buffett! This is a check off of Rob's bucket list! We are excited to spend a day with all the other Parrotheads!

April was a good month for us as well. We have about completed our apartment decorating and it looks pretty good! Rob helped Lauren's parents moved into their new townhouse (its beautiful!) and then we celebrated Easter with them the next day! Amazing how they were able to whip together such a delicious lunch after moving! Lauren has been trying to cook more, Rob installing things around the house. We are a little domestic couple!

My Easter basket from Rob! Its a tradition he has done every year. I always get Peeps and glass bottled Dr. Pepper. The rest is always a surprise!

We found these HUGE Longhorns after church heading to my parents for Easter lunch. So we had to be tourists and pull over and take pictures! Another family did it too!

On one of my day's off I decided to make Tacos Al Pastor. I made a list of ingredients we needed and off to the store we went. The recipe required all of these chiles and seeds that we could not find! We first went to Target and then Whole Foods. Finally at Albertson's we found the largest selection of Hispanic food ever! They had everything I needed. I marinated the meat overnight and then Rob grilled it the next day. They were pretty awesome!

Hope May is going to be as wonderful for you!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Little Home

This past week has been a remarkable and eventful one! On Sunday we finally got the apartment all situated and decorated. Ikea is becoming our monthly outing, always finding goodies there! On Tuesday, Rob's mom and sister arrived for a visit. It was our 4 year anniversary, unbelievable! We all dined at our favorite Italian place near the house, Scalini's. We had fun with them visiting. They got to see the Kennedy museum and the Arboretum. My mom finally got to meet Rob's mom over some delicious Mexican food! Now we are preparing for more visitors for the next three weeks! It is so exciting!

Don't worry, the decorating is not completely finished! We are working one piece at a time.But all the big pieces are put together, thanks to my handy man Rob! Its beginning to feel like home! Come visit!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On a cold winter night just before I was about to head back to Georgia for the holidays, I told Lauren that I had gotten her a Christmas present. I then instructed her that what I got her was in the bathroom and she would have to get up off the couch to come take a look at her awesome present. Once she got into the bathroom I told her that her present is in the bathtub behind the shower curtain and that she would need to slowly open the shower curtain to take a look. (As a side note- We had just moved into an apartment together and the shower head we had was an absolute horror; it sprinkled everything but you while you tried to shower.) So she carefully opens the shower curtain, and before her there is a brand new shiny silver shower head with a pretty red bow on it. At this point I can sense the tension growing. I can hear it in her mind thinking "he honestly got me a shower head for Christmas?!" So then to edge her on a little bit, I said "L, aren't you going to try it out? It has 5 different settings the box says." As I can see her start to get a bit perturbed at this point I say "I got the old one under the sink here if you want me to put it back on?" Then while she turns the water on and checks out the new shower head, I pretend that I am digging under the sink for the old shower head and pull out her real Christmas present. As she turns the water back off and turns back around towards me, I showed her the ring and asked my little L "Will you marry me?"
Pièce de résistance... She said yes!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hoping to avoid the all too familiar ice storms of Fayetteville, we were glad to move to Dallas before January. On Monday night, we were woken up
to freezing rain and sleet. The first day of being stuck in the apartment was productive, the second was not so productive. By Thursday we were both ready to get out! Then Friday we woke up to a beautiful five to six inches of snow on the ground. It continued to snow all day!!

Since we have spent so much time together inside, we got a lot of planning done. And we have finally picked out a date!! We kept going back and forth on season, month, everything imaginable. We have decided on June 8, 2012. Yes, it is a long ways away. We want to get married in the summer, and this summer is too soon (plus I am graduating in May, yay!) Eight is Rob's lucky number, so it was meant to be!