Thursday, August 6, 2015

ReDo Recess at The DoSeum

There is a new children's museum in town! The DoSeum on Broadway opened this summer and has been a huge hit among the children in San Antonio. Last Friday night they opened their doors after hours to the adults of San Antonio. We joined in on 'Night Out at TDS' and let me tell you, it was a blast!

The DoSeum had pre-sold tickets, but Rob and I found out just in the nick of time to get in line for tickets. We were excited to play around in the kid's museum with NO KIDS. Plus, Tacos N Tequila was serving up dinner and their famous margaritas. That's right, a kid's museum, tacos, and margs! Definitely a Night Out!

The museum itself was very impressive! They had a 'CSI' area where you can play detective, crack the code to the secret bookcase, play 'Guess the Spy', and much more. There is also a small town, for kids 5 years and younger, that had a HEB, bank, trolley, vet, and airport. It was so cute because everything was so small. I can see kids having a blast in there!

For the more mature kid, just walk up the musical staircase to the land of Robots. You have mini Robots that you control to pick up items, say hi to Baxter, control an Caterpillar machine, and much more! Back downstairs there is a Sound and Light area that teaches the vibrations of sound and how to manipulate light.

The best part of all is the areas outside the museum. They are in the process of building a tree house, but have completed a wonderful playground. There is also a water area where kids can learn how dams work, make huge bubbles, and how to manipulate water.

I highly recommend The DoSeum to any kid or adult that wants something to do in San Antonio. We had a blast at their Night Out at TDS and will attend another soon. It is the perfect date night! They are planning on doing the adult nights monthly, so be on the look out for the next one!